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Broken Soul is the result of John Spicer's lifelong passion for music and audio engineering. John has been working in audio production for over 25 years, concentrating on live performances and the faith community.  Starting as a teenager, John's passion for music and the arts has led him down the path of using audio as a tool to create impact through the gift of music. Much of life's business has worked to relegate the art of music to being society's background noise.  John believes, however, that this is antithetical to its intent and that through focused and intentional excellence, music is a powerful tool for impacting lives, healing brokenness, and giving hope.


John has spent much of his time as a Front Of House (FOH) engineer for multiple venues while also acting as a mentor and coach for churches and other organizations. He is also a freelance author and presenter that enjoys discussing the challenges of creating healthy relationship between audio engineers and the organizations that they serve.  Additionally, John has a passion for multicultural worship and works as the FOH engineer for Nikki Lerner Music.

Working with Broken Soul Studio was a great experience.  John was incredibly helpful through my first recording project  from which I learned so much . John was willing to set up and record off-site in order to get the specific instrumentation I wanted for my tracks. He listened to my vision for the project and helped me stay true to my goals while also striving for excellence.  This project was to honor my mother for her 80th birthday. It was such an accomplishment to hand her the final copy of the album, "Spend Your Heart." I couldn't have accomplished it without John and Broken Soul.

Jen Hawley


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