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Technology and Emotion
Creating an Impact

Every venue is different. Every presentation has its own intent.  Every audience has a different temperament. Almost everyone can recall a concert, event, or a worship service where the audio experience in some way distracted from the moment.  No matter the type of presentation, the audio team is responsible for more than just moving faders or adding effects. The reality is that audio engineers operate at the intersection of technology and emotion. They use technology to reinforce and deliver the presentation in a way that influences the emotions of the audience.  Ideally this emotional influence creates positive impact towards the intent and does not distract from or dilute it.  Many times, however, it's hard to find engineers who really understand this to be true and hold it as a tenant by which they operate.  Broken Soul, however, gets it. If you find that you are struggling to find a FOH engineer for your event, maybe we can help.

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