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Broken Soul Audio is an outcropping of God's gift of music and our ability to create it. Music is one of the few things that enables us to understand and grapple with our brokenness.  Throughout its history, mankind has used music as a language to describe its plight, dream its dreams, and heal its hurts. Music creates a venue for creativity, community, and communion with each other and with our Creator.  Within that context we use our creativity to speak to each other, share our stories, share our hearts, inspire one another, and celebrate He who loves us most.


Broken Soul's mission is to facilitate art, where artists, through music, can share their humanity without excuse and can do so with the intent of meeting others without presumption.  We believe that art isn't limited to those with big names, big resources, or big connections. Rather, we believe that it can be most impactful for those directly around us, whether it be your friends, your neighborhood, or your church. Every person has a story, every song has a story, and every story can impact someone.  Whether it be through a live performance or a recorded one, Broken Soul exists to help these stories get told, and to have them told in a way that is honoring to the art and honoring to the message.

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